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"My healing journey would not be possible without Rechelle. She is super knowledgeable and on point, but she also knows how to soothe a soul that is struggling in a way that is so precious and rare. I'm endlessly grateful for connecting with Rechelle when I did, and I am forever a fan of her work, her spirit, and her heart."

"My sessions with Rechelle helped me regain my professional and personal focus. With Rechelle's guidance I was able to better understand the things that were important to me, as well as the things I needed to let go of. It was extremely beneficial to me at a time of heightened stress and pressure."

C.T., Sri Lanka

"I have a real connection with Rechelle which is rare to find. It has meant that I can make great progress with my personal past trauma and heal old wounds. This has meant that my current relationships are more positive and fulfilling."

G.J., Sydney

"Rechelle is a warm, generous spirited, and intuitive counselor. When at times we've pivoted according to my needs, she always has useful suggestions and resources to share. I appreciate both her insights, and her ability to help me draw on my own inner wisdom. That's the kind of empowerment support I look for in a therapist."

"Rechelle is a truly empathic and gifted therapist. I felt like she was really present with me during our sessions together, and her expertise really helped me during some difficult times in my life. I really enjoyed her holistic approach and ability to consider mind, body and spirit - this is really important to me and has helped me where many other therapies have failed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her skills to anyone in need."

"From my sessions with Rechelle, I have noticed a significant perspective shift which is personally benefitting me immensely. Rechelle is really insightful, non-judgmental, and makes one feel at ease while communicating. She provides a safe space to openly talk and address any underlying issues... The best part of the therapy are the follow-up emails proposing certain exercises, which don't let me lose focus on my priorities and goal of seeking therapy. My sessions have helped me feel more motivated, self-aware, and less insecure. I gladly recommend Rechelle!"

P.M., India

"I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety for a quite number of months. I was advised by my psychiatrist to begin sessions with Ms. Rechelle, and it has been one of the best decisions I took to help myself. I have to applaud Ms. Rechelle for her work ethic, deep understanding of my needs and issues, and for giving me the ray of hope that I can overcome this... Not only is she commendable in her work, but she’s very empathetic and caring about her clients. I absolutely loved her passion for whatever she does. I would highly recommend her because she can actually help you in any way you need and I am very glad I had the chance to be her client."

P.M., India

"Rechelle has been my go to person whenever I've needed a logical perspective on any personal situation. She has an energy about her that makes you trust her instantly, and after that your thoughts just flow, almost like you're talking to a friend. She has helped me understand my own self better, and that has led to me being able to deal with things in my life in a much better and pragmatic way. I don't think I could have found a better person for my mental well-being."​

S.G., Australia

"Rechelle is one of the best listeners I have EVER met. She is kind and asks the most thought-provoking questions. Her ability to make you feel comfortable and open up without feeling pushed or judged is what makes her so special. I look forward to my sessions with Rechelle and would highly recommend her to anyone who is going through a hard time. Sessions with her have helped me tremendously, and I am very appreciative toward her for being so caring and patient with me."

"I had been so tired of not being paid what I am worth in my workplace. After a few session of coaching with Rechelle, it has given me the confidence to ask for a salary increase and has made me realise my own potential. I feel much more confident and have a brighter outlook about my future in my career."​

S.B., Sydney

"I found myself instantly at ease and feeling safe with Rechelle. She has the ability to call a spade a spade and to gently nudge her clients to see that too, which is the first step toward emotional breakthroughs. And yet, there is no intrusion, harshness, or judgement... I felt my intuition validated in her sessions and came away feeling empowered."​

D.G., India

"When I was introduced to Rechelle, as I had never traversed this path, I was a bit apprehensive. All my fears were laid to rest when Rechelle reached out to me wit so much empathy and care. Here was someone who I could talk to without judgment and most importantly, her gentle demeanor in which she would help and suggest along with encouragement... She's a true mentor and stress-buster!"

"I have been struggling with anxiety and mild depression for quite some time but felt very much alone with the constant thoughts inside my head. After various events that happened during COVID19, I reached out to Rechelle. Her empathetic, expert and honest approach, was the first step to me becoming a better, healthier person. I know I have a long road ahead, but I will be eternally grateful for Rechelle being there for me in a time of need."

G.S., Australia

"I've had some deep-seated issues starting from late my childhood that needed addressing. This was something I never received adequate support or appropriate counseling for, despite many attempts with a variety of counselors, until I connected with Rechelle at Emerge. Several conversations later and with no time wasted, I can comfortably say that I am a completely emotionally-well woman in her forties, moving forward having come to terms with my past, with the best counseling I have ever received. Thank you, Rechelle - You really have changed the quality of my life, and every today and tomorrow are beautiful because of your kind and caring energy and support. Ever grateful."

S.C., Delhi


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